Artist / painter
Enquire about Tori Tipton

Based in West Yorkshire and predominately painting seascapes in oil, Tori uses her visual memory as a point of reference for her expressive paintings.

Tori takes her inspiration from childhood visits to North Wales and more recent family trips to the coastal villages of Yorkshire. Her paintings are a combination of distant memories and recent observations from these visits, semi-abstract sea and landscapes that always remain recognisable as such

Tori’s paintings are a personal response to the affinity that she feels with the sea and in particular its relationship with the ever-changing weather of the British Isles. She finds the nature of the sea and sky are in themselves abstract and offer limitless combinations of colour and texture. By adopting a simple composition of land, sea, and sky, her semi-abstract forms are a response to the atmosphere and sense of drama that the constantly changing elements never fail to provide.

Tori’s work emerges from layers of oil paint which give her paintings substance and texture. By focusing on the energy of the ocean and the weather she aims to suggest a sense of solitude and contemplation in her work, to offer the viewer a chance to pause and reflect on the memories and emotions that the often powerful or sometimes benign presence of the sea may evoke.