Enquire about Rae Fin

Ripon based jeweller Rae Fineron has been creating unique silver jewellery in North Yorkshire since 2006, after having completed a 2 year Jewellery Techniques course at Manukau College in Auckland, New Zealand. She returned to North Yorkshire and set up historically inspired ‘Portcullis Jewels’ then re-branded to her own name ‘Rae Fin Jewellery’ in order to have more freedom to design non historic jewellery collections.

Rae has also had a workshop in the artistic coastal village of Staithes. The magic of the surrounding Yorkshire Moors and Coast inspired her to create her ‘Natura’ collection. She also acquired her knowledge of working with jet whilst living in this area and is a member of Staithes Arts and Crafts Cooperative.

The simplicity and beauty of the natural landscape and textures are very much echoed in Rae’s design processes. She creates functional silver jewellery which is meant to be worn often and likes to create small sized silver pieces, particularly earrings that often contrast each other within their pair.
She enhances silver’s natural beauty through creating organic shape and form occasionally adding colour through jet, or accents of gold. She uses basic tools to create her jewellery.

Rae is proud of continuing this ancient craft in a traditional way where the skill is very much based on knowing how to use the tools of the trade well.