Artist / painter
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Rooted in the landscape of mountains, moors and coast, Freya’s work explores both the permanent, elemental nature of land and the more transient light and weather which keep it in constant flux. Walking in the North York Moors, Lake District and the South West provides a rich and ever changing base for drawings and paintings.

Whilst much of the work has a particular starting point, Freya often focuses more on the experience of being in the landscape than on the geographical specifics of a site, exploring the less tangible aspects of the land — sounds, space, light, wind, weather, movement.
She records these senses as marks and notes as she walks. In the studio she works from these notes and memories, to distill a sense of place and space, responding to the painting as it evolves. The paintings are built up using layers of fluid translucent paint, in addition to more textured, physical areas, to explore this tension between permanence and change in the landscape.