Enquire about Felicity Lloyd Coombes

Felicity Lloyd Coombes, Artist and Sculptor, realised her passion for ceramics at a young age and has built her life as an artist around this versatile medium. Growing up with animals and having an ongoing love for them, it was a natural blend to pair her artistic passions with her childhood love and has created Lloyd Coombes Studios.

Flick, as her friends and students call her, started with ceramics at Seaford College in Petworth and after successfully completing her A levels, earned her degree from Loughborough University. She knew she wanted to establish her own studio and, right after graduation, started full time in operating her own business. Today she offers a small onsite gallery, private commission pieces, and adult classes for those that want to learn the fine art of hand-sculpted ceramics.

Having grown up with animals–Flick has had an interest in creating animal art from the very beginning. She has found inspiration from her own beloved Italian gun dog, Ismay, from many years watching dogs run on the beach near her childhood home, and from many family holidays to Scotland where she could interact with different dog breeds.

She is fascinated with all animals but has a soft spot for canines. Dogs have a particular interest for Flick as she loves the different breeds and for what they were bred. She focuses on the dogs’ physique and their movements by watching them run and play on the beach near her studio. By sculpting animals in movement the art is not static, it is alive with motion.

Felicity Lloyd Coombes has fulfilled a dream by opening her studio and her work is a must see for animal admirers and art enthusiasts alike. Go to the News page for the latest information on Lloyd Coombes Studios.