Enquire about Antonello Figlia

Italian born jewellery designer Antonello Figlia was born in Syracuse, a beautiful city (now Unesco listed). The city has rich historic and cultural heritage, and genuine natural beauty that had a strong impact on his imagination taking for granted architectonic elements of Greek, Arab, Roman, Spanish culture up to Baroque buildings feeding his visual imagination and childhood memories.
As a young man he moved to Rome for a brief spell for his classical study, and subsequently to Milan to start University, both cities in their own rights had a strong influence on his creativity.
In Milan, during his studies he also worked for Milan Fashion Week helping in the running of The Italian Fashion Council womenswear collections for all major brands. This helped him to further develop a deep aesthetical sense and passion for Art and Design in all his forms.

He moved to London, and a new journey started of self-discovery, and development. After a short experiment with different media saw jewellery as a ideal form of design that allowed him to better to express himself.

He is influenced by Geometry, Graphic Design and Photography and likes to explore and challenge himself searching new techniques and different approaches in jewellery making in order to achieve contemporary yet classically influenced silver and gold jewellery designs.
The Figlia designs are eclectic mix of styles, from minimalist to fine contemporary jewellery designs, that suit most Ladies and Gent’s alike.